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The parts used in gearboxes produced by 3D printing allow you to reduce the cost of acquiring spare parts because there is no need to use only original products, usually sold in complects.

Our modelers created a 3D model based on examples of original parts, the components for the gear box were printed out of ABS plastic.

3D printing material: ABS plastic

Product size (mm): 54 x 27 x 25; 35 x 27 x 25

Our engineers developed a 3D model based on the original details. The car rim cap was made of ABS plastic.

3D printing allows us to reproduce even the smallest and detailed parts. This production method is ideal for the production of various types of complex shapes, which is very useful in restoring the parts that are no longer manufacturing or rarely purchasing.

3D printing material: ABS plastic

Product size (mm): ø 180, height 29

Model of “EUROPA” shopping center

3D printed model of the shopping center "Europa" in Vilnius, ordered by investment banking services JSC "Summa Advisers". Model 3D printed from PMMA plastic, covered with creme paint, letters are colored with acrylic paint. 3D printing of architectural layouts is a quick and cheap way to realize a variety of layouts. 3D printed product: a model of…
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