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According to the advertising company 3D model of a complex geometric structure, a very smooth and transparent spiral model was printed by our advanced 3D printer. The spiral was used as a stand for other product presentation.

The product was printed out of liquid translucent resin by using SLA (stereolithography) technology based 3D printer "Form 2".

The advanced 3D printing technologies made it possible to produce a complex object, which is practically impossible to produce in other ways. This way allows you to quickly and qualitatively implement a complex order and reach desired transparency.

3D printing material: liquid resin

3D printing technology: SLA (stereolithography)

Product size (mm): 145 x 109 x 76

According to the client 3D model, a mirror frame model was printed out of ABS plastic. This model was designed to evaluate and correct the required places before mirror manufacturing.

Our engineer ddivided3D model into 28 separate parts to fit into the 3D printer's workspace. The frame parts were printed of high-quality ABS plastic by using FDM 3D printing technology.

Intelligent 3D printing technology allowed the customer to see real size product and evaluate the places to be repaired. Compared with traditional production technologies, this method saved time and finances for the client.

3D press material: ABS

3D printing technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Product size (mm): 1578 x 670 x 53

Our company received a request from the person who is restoring old, classic cars. He wanted to create a 3D model and print out Mercedes-Benz's rear light frame.

The frame was created by using modern 3D scanning technology and 3D modeling tools, printed out of Polyamide (PA) plastics by using SLS 3D printing technology and ultimately casted out of brass (sand casting).

Our advanced 3D scanning, modeling and printing technologies allowed the customer to provide a high quality and inexpensive service in comparison with traditional methods for the realization of such a product.

3D printing material: PA plastic

3D printing technology: SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Casting material: brass

Product size (mm): 240 x 103 x 55

According to special order, the bottle cap, consisting of two-pieces connecting thread, was printed out of polyamide (PA) plastic.

Based on our client drawings and design concept, our designers developed 3D cap model and prepared it for 3D printing.

Especially good quality product was printed by SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D printing technology.

3D printed bottle caps will be used to produce silicone mold, and this will be used to metal caps casting.

Our 3D modeling and 3D printing services allowed the customer to get a bottle cap model in just a couple of weeks, while in tradicional ways it would take much longer and more costly. In this way, the final product will be placed on the market earlier, thereby allowing for higher income levels.

3D printing material: PA plastic

3D printing technology: SLS (selective laser sintering)

Product size (mm): diameter 40, height 42; diameter 31, height 7