3D scanning of the Stelmužė Oak Trunk

According to the client's request, we performed 3D scanning of the Stelmužė Oak Trunk. An extremely fast and accurate "Artec Eva" 3D scanner, capable of scanning bulky objects, was used for this process.

The scanning conditions were quite complicated, as the process was carried out in a natural environment, in the sunshine. To remove this factor, artificial shadows were used using canvas. Despite these conditions, an extremely precise 3D model of 50 cm high Stelmužė oak trunk was obtained. The client will use this model to create art installations. Also, such works may be very suitable for the purpose of archiving, decoration or measurement.

Large objects 3D scanning allow customers to quickly and precisely create a computer model for this unique object and apply it to the art project.

Object size (mm): 3267 x 3291 x 485.

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