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Many modern manufacturing companies strive to work as efficiently as they can. However, none of us are protected against breakdowns, wear of parts and forced downtime. Sometimes this can be foreseen, and sometimes, unfortunately, not. In such cases, the supply of spare parts can be a particularly expensive and time-consuming process. However, don’t forget the cases when no one in the market producing it anymore. At this point, the situation can be saved by 3D technologies.

This is exactly what one of the companies engaged in recycling and extrusion engineering did. At their request, we performed a 3D scanning of the required part and model reconstruction to STEP format. It was done with the help of reverse engineering. For 3D scanning we used the high-precision "Artec Space Spider" 3D scanner. The scanned objects were captured with an accuracy of 0.05 mm.

The reconstruction of the scanned model to STEP format was performed by using world-renowned engineering software. The created high-precision STEP files are perfect for production - milling, cutting, 3D printing, or other popular production methods. In addition, the STEP file is readable by most CAD software, so you can make the necessary changes, enhancements, and modifications.

We are glad that this customer has already entrusted us with more than a dozen most important details. The prepared drawings of which are excellent not only for the production of new shafts and other machine parts but also for their improvement processes.

Size (mm): various, up to 1500 mm in length

With the increasing application of 3D printed parts, we are more frequently faced with the need for different materials. For example, in the production of art cases, it is necessary to achieve as smooth surfaces as possible. For dental instruments, we need to obtain a special precision. And in the automotive industry, we have to create particularly strong, and high-temperature resistant parts.

We are pleased to offer our wide range of materials which meet the needs of every customer. This time we are sharing a car grille 3D printing project. For the customer, it was important that this grille could withstand high temperatures and be strong.

For the implementation of the project, we chose polyamide and carbon fiber plastic combination - PACF. This plastic is lightweight, one of the strongest plastics in FDM technology and has a resistance of up to 180 ̊C, so it perfectly met the customer's expectations. PACF has become a particularly popular choice in the engineering industry. By choosing this plastic, customers can easily get an exclusive, unique part that will not only meet the desired design but also ensure the highest performance.

We used a large-format "Modix" 3D printer for manufacturing. This printer allows the production of solid parts up to 600 x 600 x 600 mm.

3D printed part allowed the customer not only to get high quality and extremely durable detail but also to do it in a particularly fast time.

3D printing technology:  FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling)

3D printing material: PACF

Size (mm): 124.00 x 304.00 x 22.00

It's not a secret that the main element of many mechanisms is the cogwheel. In manufacturing or household - the operation of many devices is based on the motion transmitted by pairs of cogwheels. For this reason, it's not surprising that cogwheels are one of the most commonly worn parts. This is not a problem if the gear you need is available at the store. However, it's a bit more complicated when no one manufactures or sells such devices or their spare parts. Should you buy a new device then? Definitely not.

One such order was the restoration of worn cogwheels of agricultural machinery. In the absence of spare parts on the market, a failure of the cogwheels could have caused serious losses to its owner, who would have to buy a new unit. However, thanks to 3D technology, we restored worn gears in just a few business days.

After the customer provided the worn cogwheels, our engineers performed the necessary measurements and restored the gear with CAD software. 3D modeled cogwheels were printed of PA2200 material on an industrial SLS technology 3D printer. This combination of material and technology ensures the highest product strength, which is especially important due to the long service life of the gear.

Restoration and 3D printing of gears allowed the customer to get an item that no longer exists on the market and do it especially quickly and with high quality as well.

3D printing technology: SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

3D printing material: PA2200

Size (mm): 112.20 x 112.20 x 60.00 and 132.00 x 132.00 x 40.00

3D technologies are a great way to realize the production of exclusive, unique, specific objects. Often such products are unique sculptures. This time we are sharing the story of an extraordinary souvenir - a particularly detailed soldier 3D model creation.

At the request of the customer, we performed 3D modeling and 3D printing services. The designed soldier was recreated with full, detailed equipment. We use world-known software for 3D modeling. Professional designers have developed a particularly accurate computer 3D model.

After creating the computer 3D model, the 21 cm high sculpture was printed with a BJ technology 3D printer. PMMA plastic was used for it.  The printed souvenir has a particularly high resolution and aesthetics. The created 3D model was used for representative purposes of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. With such a model, it is possible to make more sculptures or cast metal in the future.

3D printing technology: BJ (Binder Jetting)

3D printing material: PMMA

Size (mm): 100 x 100 x 210

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