Scan in a Box 3D scanner

logo scaninabox bianco3D Creative is an official distributor of 3D scanner Scan in a Box which is manufactured by Italian company Open Technologies Srl.

We also include initial training in our offer for Scan in a Box 3D scanner. Additionally, we guarantee quick and reliable service during warranty period and after it, as well as consultations about 3D scanning process.

3D scanner


scanner-scatolaScan in a Box is a modern Structured Light 3D scanner. The technology it uses assures high-level precision and resolution: scanner's resolution starts from 0,078 mm. Also, Scan in a Box is capable of acquiring information about the colour of the object and the smallest details of the surface.

Scanner is able of scanning objects with dimensions from 10 mm to 2000 mm. The result is a 3D model, visible from a 360° view and ready to be 3D printed or used for other applications.

Scan in a Box is compact and versatile. It includes an adjustable tripod that holds two cameras and a projector. Heigh and angular position of them are easy to change because of the construction of the scanner. Thus it is possible to adapt the scanner to the scanning object.



manichino1_engScan in a Box is controlled with IDEA the Software that was optimized to provide perfect compatibility between Scan in a Box' software and hardware.

IDEA enables visualizing and interact with both individual scan data and the generated mesh.

Customers who buy Scan in a Box will receive a package which includes the software, provided with an unlimited license.

Technical Specifications


  • Scanning Time: approx. 4 seconds per scan
  • Scanning Object Dimensions: suggested from 10mm to 2000 mm
  • Scanning Working Distance: from 200 mm to 1120 mm
  • Accuracy/Precision: till 0.1% accuracy compared with the scanned object
  • Resolution: from 0,078 mm to 0,390 mm
  • File Exporting formats: OBJ, STL, PLY, OFF