3D service ordering process

Following process describes only ordering of 3D printing services. For product inquiries please contact us directly. Contacts provided here.

Ordering of 3D printing services consist of several steps. Not all of them are mandatory, everything depends on the situation.

Inquiry for 3D printing services can be sent us by email or by filling contact form. All contacts provided here.

Enquiry should include such information: product material (sand, plastics), amount of units, desired delivery date, 3D CAD file or other information (pictures, 2D drawing, etc.) from which it is possible to determine product dimensions and complexity of the form.

3D CAD file is not mandatory for preliminary price estimation. We can provide a preliminary assessment based on 2D CAD drawings or photographs with the product dimensions, but in such cases we provide only a preliminary price.

For precise price estimation and in order to start printing 3D CAD file is needed. Preferred formats are .STL, .STP and .IGS, but we can work with other CAD formats also.

If you don't have 3D CAD file, we provide additional service for 3D CAD creation base on your provided information, pictures, 2D drawing, etc.

It is also possible to scan original physical object with 3D scanner that produces 3D CAD file.

Price offer is prepared in maximum 1 working day from the submission of request. Note that if 3D CAD file is not provided, we can estimate only preliminary price.

If inquiry includes additional services (production of 3D CAD file, 3D scanning, post-processing, etc.),  delivery term of offer is agreed separately.

Signing of service agreement.

In case of multiple orders, general agreement is signed and for each of the orders purchase order is confirmed.

Printing work is done at Voxeljet service center. Minimum delivery term to Lithuania is 7 working days.

If requested, additional post-processing of the printed parts is performed. E.g. vaxing, painting, epoxy infiltration, etc.

If requested, together with our partners we produce final product from metal, concrete and other materials or combinations of materials.