Brass ring

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By company's order, who specializes in modern furniture and home-accessory manufacturing, ring was 3D printed to be used for casting.

A 3D printed part supposed to have high accuracy and surface quality as possible which is why 3D printer "Form 2" based on SLA technology was chosen. Resing was chosen based on availability to achieve highest possible surface quality.

3D printed ring was post-processed by customer and used as a master to produce casting mold. End-use part was casted from brass and met all requirements.

SLA technology, as an additive manufacturing, is becoming more and more popular to produce master-mold parts as they have very high quality aspects and suitable to make casting molds because of low cost and short lead time.

3D printing material: derva (angl. resin)

3D printing technology: SLA (angl. stereolitography)

Product size (mm): 117 x 89 x 14

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