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mass portal logo_black 3D Creative is an official representative of MASS PORTAL, manufacturer of desktop 3D printers. We sell all MASS PORTAL 3D printers also providing their warranty and post-warranty services, support and maintenance.

MASS PORTAL 3D printers can be used for educational purposes and production. For students these printers are great tool for getting acquainted with 3D printing technology. In the production there is possibility to produce prototypes and finished products, thus realizing various ideas and solving problems.

3D printers

MASS PORTAL Pharaoh® series printers.

  • high printing resolutions with printing layer thickness from 0,01 mm,
  • printing with most of the available thermoplastics: ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, PolyWood, PolyCarbonate ir t.t. from any producer of the material,
  • double extruders for printing with 2 materials simultaneously.


MASS PORTAL Pharaoh® XD printers have the ability to print with two materials, their workpiece diameters are 20, 30 and 40 cm.

Pharaoh XD 20Pharaoh XD 30Grand Pharaoh XD 40
Print dimensions 20 cm diametre x 20 cm height 30 cm diametre x 30 cm height 40 cm diametre x 40 cm height
Controls  LCD touch screen  LCD touch screen  LCD touch screen 
Connectivity  USB, SD card reader, Wi-Fi USB, SD card reader, Wi-Fi USB, SD card reader, Wi-Fi


MASS PORTAL Pharaoh® series printers can print with various OpenSource materilas. We can offer materials from reliable and tested manufacturers: Verbatim, colorFabb, Polymaker.

Various types of materials are available: PLA, ABS, PET, Nylon, PC, HiPS, Flex, Wood, XT, bronzeFill, coperFill, brassFill, bambooFill, glowFill, etc.


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