With the client’s accordance for different kind of models, they were printed with SLA technology using specialized engineering resins. The purpose of these prints was to test in a special environment before mass production.

Firstly, parts printed with “High Temp” resins can withstand up to 289-Celsius temperature and are great for testing liquid or air flowing, to protect parts against heat or basically for molds.

Secondly, parts printed with “Tough” material have similarities to ABS plastic as in they are good for prototyping, snap-fits, for mechanical purposes.

High-quality SLA printing technology and materials for engineering purposes gives a chance to perform tests having high geometrical complexity with short lead time.

3D printing material: “High Temp” and “Tough” resins

3D printing technology: Stereolithography

Product size (mm): biggest – 130 x 72 x 77; smallest – 59 x 23 x 19