Most of our customers create something new. We are always happy to help realize projects in the production of the first prototype as well as the final products. This order is no exception – the customer, who is developing an ergonomic Tripmaster for his motorcycle, has decided to make a control mechanism that attaches to the steering wheel.

After the customer submitted his 3D model, we performed a 3D printing service. The part is quite small and has the intended aesthetic, smooth surface. We used the most accurate – SLA printing technology. In this technology, products can be printed with a layer thickness of up to 25 μm. This allows us to achieve a particularly smooth surface without visible layers of printing. In order to withstand the difficult conditions in motorcycle racing, we have chosen the strongest TOUGH resin for the part. Thanks to this resin, the control housing not only looks great but is also strong and impact-resistant.

The customer installed a control mechanism in the printed housing. This part attaches to the steering wheel and makes it easier to control the Tripmaster during the race. We are happy with the ingenuity of our customer and wish him a victorious race!

3D printing technology: SLA (Stereolithography)

3D printing material: liquid resin

Size (mm): 32 x 12 x 41.4 mm