The client had designed a conceptual medicine dispencary container and he needed a prototype.

The Client needed the cup to be see through, the dispensary mechanism made of white plastic. Also there were three washers that had to be made of rubber. The seethrough cup was printed using SLA technology with „Clear“ resin “Form 2” 3D printer, the white lid parts were printed using FDM technnology with ABS filament and the washers were printed with the PrimaAlloy filament which is flexible and elastic.

To make a prototype like this having this many different parts would be really difficult. Glass blowing, injection molding and vulcanization would be required as well as custom molds. By choosing 3D printing, the client saved a lot of recources and all the parts were made in the same place.

Materials: Clear resin, ABS, PrimaAlloy

3D printing technology: SLA (stereolitography), FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Dimensions (mm): 90 x 90 x 100