Our company received a request to scan and print a horn, plastic gas tank, and tree stump. These objects were used for works of art.

Two precision and advanced 3D scanners were used to scan these objects. Larger object gauges were scanned by Artec EVA, while small and particularly detailed parts were scanned by Artec Space Spider 3D scanner with an accuracy up to 0.05 mm. Due to the combination of selected equipment, the scanned models were extremely precise.

According to the artists’ request, the scanned models were printed by our two 3D printers. The horn was printed in separate parts by the most advanced desktop 3D printer ZORTRAX, using white ABS plastic. Gas tank and tree stump were printed by our latest “3D Creative” large-format 3D printer, capable of printing objects up to 600 x 600 x 600 mm.

3D scanning and 3D printing of artistic objects greatly facilitated the work of the customer, because it would be extremely difficult to simulate such precise and realistic 3D models by CAD programs. Printing enabled the idea to be realized quickly and qualitatively and allowed the customer to create an exclusive art installation.

3D printing material: ABS, PLA plastic;

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling);

Product size (mm): maximum 750 x 590 x 336;