According to the customer 3D models, prototypes of several complex profiles for checking against the mass production of metal were printed by our advanced industrial 3D printer.

The models were printed by the printers based on SLS (selective laser sintering) printing technology. This technology is characterized by extremely high precision and ability to reach extremely smooth and high-quality surfaces. For 3D printing was used polyamide (PA) plastic.

The chosen material is distinguished by its solidity and durability. Selected technology and material made it possible to print particularly complex design profiles. The customer got an extremely accurate model at an affordable price. This type of producing allows you to check the product, avoid future mistakes and perform all the checks you want before mass production.

3D printing material: Polyamide (PA) plastics

3D printing technology: SLS (selective laser sintering)

Product size (mm): 300 x 35 x 39; 55 x 55 x 36