Bust of Vytautas the Great, which is located inside of Vilnius Garrison Officers’ Club building, was 3D scanned and then produced a small version of a bust.

The object was 3D scanned using two professional handheld 3D scanners of Artec products – “Eva” and “Space Spider” – because statue itself is quite large yet consists of small and rich details e. g. face, relics and other elements. One of the main advantages or perks of using advanced handheld scanners is the ability to freely use in any location due to the possibility to use the battery as a source of power. Artec’s battery can be used up to 4 hours of continuous scanning which is more than enough for such an object.

A smaller sized version was printed on Mass Portal XD20 3D printer which is one of the best in the market (desktop grade) and helps to achieve smooth surface which leads to easier post processing. A whole bust was painted and some substances were applied to achieve the bronze-alike look.

In short, sculptures 3D scanning, sculptures 3D printing and post-processing technologies and tools are a new approach to producing very high quality and memorable gifts with a short amount of time and cost compared to traditional manufacturing. Vytautas the Great replica was made as a gift of remembrance and gratitude.

3D printing material: PETG

3D printing technology: Fused Deposition Modeling

Product size: 145 x 110 x 220