By sculptor’s request, the sculpture of dr. Jonas Basanavicius was scanned with the purpose to have a digital file for archiving or further reproduction.

3D scanning consisted of three different approaches, legs, torso and head, due to the sculpture’s size as the obstacle is to obtain all information from every side. “Artec Eva” 3D scanner, based on structured-light technology, was used to scan the sculpture due to its mobility and speed. Advantages of the Artec 3D scanner is the ability to scan massive sized objects or to reach more difficult spots e. g. the underside of the coat.

A created 3D model sculpture of dr. Jonas Basanavicius is archived digitally with a possible need to re-create an original or different kind of sized sculptures. Also, scanned material can be used in a 3D visualization environment.

3D scanning of sculptures is a very helpful technology to finish a project with perfection without any need to worry regarding gypsum/clay fragile states. Such a 3D scanning technology is a perfect way to replicate exact made copies by sculptor or for any other purposes.

Object size (mm): 1323 x 1036 x 2780