3D scanning – an area that is widely used not only in conventional mechanics or art but also in the manufacture of vacuum toilets systems! This time we received an order from “Jets Rail”, which is a global company that develops, manufactures and sells vacuum systems based on unique patented technology. At their request, we performed toilet bowl 3D scan and conversion to STEP file format.

3D scans were made with precision Artec 3D scanners – “Eva” and “Space Spider”. Combining these two 3D scanners we are able to achieve the highest work speed and the most accurate results. The “Artec Eva” 3D scanner quickly captures common body geometry and forms. This scanner 3D point accuracy is up to 0.1 mm. The “Space Spider” 3D scanner has been used to scan attachment points. This scanner ensures accuracy up to 0.05 mm. In this way, the full 3D model of the toilet bowl was quickly and qualitatively digitized.