Probably many people would agree that these days, everything can be 3D scanned or 3D printed. And how happy we are when for this reason our clients do not limit their imagination and turn to us with the most unexpected ideas! One of them recently completed – an exact replica of the oldest Lithuanian oak trunk.

On customer’s request, we performed 3D scanning of Stelmuze oak trunk. For this project was used an ultra-fast and accurate “Artec Eva” 3D scanner capable of capturing bulky objects.

The scanning conditions were difficult because the process took place in the natural environment under the sunlight. To eliminate this factor, artificial shadows were created by using cloths. With “Artec Eva” which has accuracy up to 0.1 mm, was created an extremely accurate 50 cm tall Stelmuze oak trunk pattern, despite adverse weather conditions.

Digital 3D model was handed over to a sculptor who created a gypsum model that molded the exact shape of the trunk, based on the scanned data. It took as much as 1.8 tons of concrete to make trunk copy. On the top of the trunk was mounted weather resistant plywood, on which were printed the trunk grooves, which are about 240 in Stelmužė oak. It is estimated that this tree has been around for one and a half thousand years!

The concrete structure is installed in Ilzenberg Manor Park. Gold charts on the trunk mark the most important dates in the history of the country and the manor.

We are excited to be part of such a big project team. 3D scanning allowed developers to quickly and accurately create a computer model of this unique object and apply it to a concrete copy.

Object size (mm): 3267 x 3291 x 485.