It’s not a secret that 3D scanning of cars in the field of repair, restoration and improvement is already a widely applied technology. For this reason, we are delighted that “Tommy & Sons” – a company specializing in the development and production of Harley Davidson motorcycle custom parts, has discovered us.

3D scanning of a Harley Davidson motorcycle fuel tank was commissioned by this company. We used both of our 3D scanners, “Artec Eva” and “Artec Space Spider”. The combination of these two scanners helps ensure the highest work speed. The tank body was scanned by “Eva” and the “Space spider” was used for smaller parts – the fixing points, the outline of the holes, and so on. This way, the entire fuel tank was quickly and accurately digitized. The model was completely cleaned and connected. In the end result, the client reaches the STL file.

On the received file, the client modeled custom parts of the motorcycle using computer simulation programs. The scanned model simplified this process by saving a lot of time, which would be taken for measuring the complex, curvilinear tank geometry. Accuracy is also ensured because manual measurement can cause errors and the parts produced may not be suitable later. 3D scanned files provide the highest accuracy. The “Artec Eva” 3D scanner generates 0.1 mm accuracy and “Artec Space Spider” reaches up to 0.05 mm!

We glad that 3D scanning services are rapidly integrating into the automotive and motorcycle industry. Parts 3D scanning accelerates, simplifies and ensures the quality of our customers’ activities.

Size of the object (mm): 577.75 x 365.03 x 223.20