3D scanning application areas have no limits. And these are not empty words, this is confirmed by more and more interesting and unique projects of our clients. More and more companies, including Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot, use 3D scanning services in their operations. This time was performed a 3D scan of the locomotive engine generator.

The latest and most advanced Artec 3D scanner Leo was used for 3D scanning of this complex part. The point accuracy of this 3D scanner is up to 0.1 mm, and the operating speed is superior compared to other Artec 3D scanner models. Over 1 m wide generator was scanned in just 2 minutes. The object is heavy and has a complicated geometry on all sides, so a lift was used for the 3D scanning process. This ensured that all sides of the generator were properly scanned.

The Artec Leo 3D scanner has a built-in display and battery,
so the work can be done without the need for extra wires or tools. All you need for 3D scanning is a scanner.,

After the 3D scanning, data was processed. Customer intends
to produce spec. carriage to transport this generator. To do this, they needed a 3D model that will be used to check that the generator is properly seated in the carriage.

This method of verification enables fast and extremely accurate pre-production checks or measurements.

Size (mm): 1266 x 841 x 1344