At the customer’s request, we performed a 3D scan of the car valve. The scanned model was used to redesign the intake of the V8 motor valve.

For this request, we used “Artec 3D” high-resolution 3D scanner “Space Spider”. This scanner is designed to scan objects which require a high level of precision and detail. As the object to be scanned was approximately 10 cm in height, this scanner met the customer’s needs perfectly. The scanned model has an accuracy up to 0.05 mm.

3D scanning is an extremely fast and convenient way to make accurate measurements. Taking advantage of 3D scanners capabilities, we can scan this detail and prepare a fully complete STL computer model in just 30 minutes. Such a model has absolutely every possible dimension that can be measured by a computer at any time when needed. You will spend much more time measuring this part in the usual ways, there is also a chance of making mistakes or not measure something. That’s why 3D scanning is a great solution.

There is no doubt that 3D scanning will be an integral part of all measurement processes in the near future. We are delighted that our clients are moving forward with 3D scanning capabilities and adapting it to their business.

Object size (mm): 100.19 x 88.42 x 106.42