3D scanning is the fastest and most accurate way to digitize environmental objects. It is an indispensable tool when it comes to difficult-to-measure, complex surfaces. This would be confirmed by one of our rally professional clients “Samsonas Motorsport” One such an example we share in this article.

The gearbox housing has a geometrically complex surface that is difficult to accurately measure manually. Due to the high level of details, we used the most accurate 3D scanner Artec Space Spider, scanning with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm. Both parts of the housing were scanned. The scanned data is fully processed and the client receives the STL format files.

Based on the scanned files, the customer will perform reverse engineering of the gearbox body parts and use these models for further modifications and preparation of instructions for users.

We are pleased that more and more people in the automotive industry are confident in our capabilities to meet their needs, starting from the simple to the most complex projects. With our professional solutions, we also contribute to the pursuit of higher results for WRC rally masters.

Scanned object size (mm): 481.50 x 261.45 x 360.05, 534.90 x 159.00 x 357.10