3D scanning has become a real helper in modern engineering. Many of our customers will agree with this – especially the automotive industry representatives. Nowadays, quickly growing orders – 3D scanning of cars and their parts and reverse engineering projects.

This time, we are presenting an internal 3D scanning project for a minibus. The client of the project is an enterprise engaged in the internal installation and adaptation of cars and minibusses. All interior fittings for the minibus were previously created by hand. This has severely slowed down working time because it is difficult to accurately measure the inside geometry of a minibus – it has abundant curved surfaces, the dimensions of which are very important but difficult to measure. At this point 3D scanning is necessary to achieve the highest work speed. With a scanned minibus, accurate measurements can be done directly on the computer screen in just seconds.

3D scanning was done by large object Artec Eva 3D scanner. The accuracy of this scanner is 0.1 mm. At the end of the scanning process, a 3D object model is generated in STL format. With such a 3D file, the client can make measurements, archive material or use it for further processes.

A 3D scanned file is useful when there is a need to remodel new details on a minibus by using a computer. Initially, reverse engineering is used for it. Reverse engineering aims to restore the scanned STL file to an editable STEP format. 3D files of this format can be repaired, new details can be added to them, modified and created for the required surfaces. This is especially useful when you are working with projects that are constantly being improved and adjusted.

Having your product 3D model library makes it much easier and faster to carry out precision projects, find necessary parts, perform measurements, checks, and more.

More and more industry is opting for 3D scanning services to keep pace with innovation, delivering the highest speed, accuracy and productivity.

Scanned object size (mm): 1800 x 1500 x 1700