A small series of light anti-reflectors prototypes for testing was commissioned by the “ZAP Group” – a lighting and lighting solutions company.

3D prototypes were printed using SLS technology. This 3D printing technology is very useful for complex design products manufacturing. Technically, during the printing process, all the parts of the product are supported by powders. That’s why SLS technology lets you produce 3D models of any geometry! 3D printing was done from the toughest plastic – polyamide PA 2200 (nylon). In this way, we obtain not only complex, but also durable and resistant for environmental conditions products.

The printed prototypes were painted in black. These anti reflectors holds the lenses and must absorb all the light according to the intended configuration. After printing the products, the customer carried out tests, during which the required parameters were checked. Once all the necessary tests have been approved, these anti-reflectors were released into mass production by casting.

3D printing is a great tool to perform pre-mass tests, avoiding potential losses if the broke of the detail becomes apparent only after the mold is made. The small-series production of 3D prototypes is a convenient and fast way to realize products that fully perform their function and ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

3D printing technology: SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

3D printing material: PA 2200

Size (mm): 31 x 31 x 24