We have shared a lot of stories about 3D printing possibilities to rescues a wide variety of devices and mechanisms of which certain parts or elements suddenly break or wear out. But.. what if our own “parts” wear out? Can we still use the benefits of 3D technology? Definitely yes!

A patient with ankle joint disease that requires joint surgery has come to our company with special inquire. We were given the patient’s MRI data from the medical staff. Using the data, we performed a DICOM – STL conversion to obtain a computerized 3D model of the joint, which is already suitable for 3D printing.

For this case, we have chosen the most advanced “Zortrax M300 plus” 3D printer with a 300 x 300 x 300 mm building volume. This printer operates on the principle of FDM technology. The Z HIPS plastic has been selected for the ankle joint, which ensures smoothness of the walls and it’s more resistant to bending and deformation during 3D printing.

The 3D printed model was handed over to the medical staff, who were able to get a closer look at the patient’s case before the operation, to make the necessary measurements and to prepare for the operation. This order enabled the patient and the physicians to quickly and accurately optimize the surgical process and accelerate the entire treatment process.

Size (mm): 285 x 125 x 300