The fact that 3D scanning is very widely applicable is known to everyone. However, have you ever wondered how 3D scanners can be used in culinary applications? We are already convinced of that. At the customer’s request, we performed 3D scanning and 3D printing of edible sculpture. The sculpture was dedicated to a special gourmet competition in Germany. As you know, things that you eat are not very long-lasting, but a 3D scanner and 3D printer can permanently immortalize them, which is especially important when the creators put their whole heart into this edible artwork.

“Artec Eva” and “Space Spider” 3D scanners were used for this 3D scanning. “Artec Eva” makes it easy to capture the overall geometry of the sculpture because the sculpture is almost one meter high. The “Space Spider” 3D scanner is used to capture the most detailed parts- grapes, face, hair and etc. This combination of scanners ensures the highest accuracy and speed of work. The scanned model has an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm.

The scanned sculpture was printed by our large “Modix” 3D printer. This printer operates on the principle of FDM technology and enables you to turn a digital file into a real object quickly and efficiently. The printed sculpture was handed to the artist, who will preserve it as a memoir of his own edible sculpture, the original of which is probably already eaten. 😊 We are delighted with the creativity and ability of our clients to see the benefits of 3D technology in all areas of their business!

Size (mm): 995 x 407 x 314