Mass Portal 3D printers, materials and service

“3D Creative” is the official representative of the 3D printer manufacturer “Mass Portal”. We sell all “Mass Portal” 3D printers, printing materials, software and spare parts. We also provide warranty, post-warranty and repair services.

“Mass Portal” 3D printers can be used for educational purposes in schools or libraries, as well as in manufacturing companies. For students, these printers are an excellent tool to get acquainted with 3D printing technology. In production, Mass Portal provides the opportunity to produce prototypes and final products, thus realizing various ideas and solving problems.

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Mass Portal D series

  • High-resolution 3D printing with layer thickness from 0,01 mm
  • Printing with most of the available thermoplastics: ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, PolyWood, etc.
  • Possibility to use plastics from other manufacturers as well without being tied to one specific supplier
  • Double extruders for printing with 2 materials simultaneously

“Mass Portal” D series printers have the ability to print with two materials. These printers have a chamber with built-in air filtration and circulation system, compressed air cooling and integrated dual filament dryers which improve process stability and allow printing moisture-sensitive thermoplastics.

Mass Portal XD series

“Mass Portal” XD series printers have a closed printing chamber with an air filtration and circulation system. This type of 3D printers is equipped with an automatic calibration system. “Mass Portal” XD series printers are easy to use due to comfortable touch screen and wireless file transfer from your computer.

D 600 D 1200 XD 20 XD 30
Print dimensions ⌀400 mm x 580 mm ⌀600 mm x 1000 mm or ⌀350 mm x 1200 mm ⌀200 x 200 mm ⌀300 x 300 mm
Controls LCD touch screen LCD touch screen LCD touch screen LCD touch screen
Connectivity USB 2.0; Ethernet jacks; Wi-Fi USB 2.0; Ethernet jacks; Wi-Fi USB 2.0; Ethernet jacks; Wi-Fi USB 2.0; Ethernet jacks; Wi-Fi