A copy of the car mirror frame

According to the client's order, a copy of the car mirror frame and an additional part were made with the help of 3D technologies.

The customer provided a car mirror frame and one additional part. The parts had to be made in a mirror position. These two components were scanned using the most accurate "Artec Space Spider" scanner, capable of scanning up to 0.05mm in accuracy. Models were printed on a Zortrax M200 printer using Z-Ultrat plastic. This plastic is durable and has excellent properties during post-processing. It is mainly used for printing mechanical and technical parts.

This method of production allowed the customer to quickly and at low cost produce the missing parts of a rare car, which these days are already hard to reach in the market.

3D printing material: Z-Ultrat

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 185 x 53 x 117 (mirror); 50 x 33 x 28 (additional part)

Modular home models

A Swedish company who specializes in quick house assemblings on locations ordered to produce 14 different design house models. Main reasons of produced houses are to have a clear visualization of the house itself and its interior for potential customers which helps them to decide quicker.

All 14 houses were 3D modeled using sketches and 3D visualizations while keeping in mind 3D printable features e. g. too narrow walls, simplified furniture etc.

Zortrax M200 printers were used to print all parts because of its reliability, the HIPS material was chosen for its surface quality and ease to post-process. Every house consists of 20-30 different fragments and elements because models are much bigger than what M200 3D printer can print.

Printed models were post-processed with various tools and painted in different colors by customer's wish.

From order confirmation to finishing project, it took 2 months which shows how 3D modeling and 3D printing can produce such architectural models in a short amount of time.

3D printing material: HIPS plastic

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 240 x 160 x 150

Support for window profiles

The window profile support was printed by the order of the company engaged in window manufacture.

This part is directly used in manufacturing. It maintains the profiles transported on the production line so that they go precisely and straightforwardly. For these reasons, the part had to be extremely durable and resistant. For this purpose, a polyamide base plastic CoPA was chosen for printing. This plastic is particularly durable and resistant to physical and temperature effects. Printing was done by "Mass Portal" 3D printer.

3D printing allowed the customer to quickly and easily get the necessary part, which helped to improve the work of the machine.

3D printing material: CoPA plastic

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 30 x 50 x 192

Game figurines

According to the customer's 3D models, a series of game figurines was printed by our 3D printer.

For 3D printing was used high-quality "Mass Portal" printer, based on FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology. PLA plastic was selected for printing, which is distinguished by its solidity and high quality.

This production method allows the customer to quickly and qualitatively realize the computer 3D models and thus expand the collection of their gaming figures.

3D printing material: PLA

3D printing technology: fused deposition modeling (FDM)

Product size (mm): the biggest 100x60x53; the smallest 32x25x7.