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A. Brazauskas bust

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Photo 07-02-2017, 10 40 33Untitled


Small bust of Algirdas Brazauskas was scanned by "Scan in a Box 3D" 3D scanner. Three-dimensional model was printed out of metal and sand.

3D model was developed by using advanced 3D scanning technologies, which can move even the most complex objects into digital space.

Series of small A. Brazauskas busts was printed of steel by using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. The biggest bust was printed out of sand by Binder Jetting technology.

Different 3D technologies allows you to quickly and qualitatively achieve desired results. 3D scanning is especially useful for translating real objects into 3D models. This type of manufacturing saves time and allows you to avoid costly and long-lasting manufacturing.

3D printing material: sand, steel

3D printing technology: Binder Jetting (sand), SLS (steel)

Product size (mm): height of the small bust 20, the largest - 450

Copyrights belongs to the sculptor Kęstutis Balčiūnas.

Model for casting

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According to the client order, our engineer created model, which was printed out of  sand and it was used for metal parts casting.

3D printing material: sand

Product size (mm): 102 x 28 x 9.5

Sculpture “Ventilation otherwise”

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According to 3D model presented by the client, the components of artistic instalation "Ventilation otherwise" were printed of sand.

The sand was chosen due to the uniqueness of its surface, the sharpness of the lines and optimal costs.

3D press material: sand

Product size (mm): 700 x 200 x 204

Lamp covers

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According to the client 3D model, the prototype of lamp cover was printed of sand.

3D press material: sand

Product size (mm): ø105, height 95