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A copy of the car mirror frame

According to the client's order, a copy of the car mirror frame and an additional part were made with the help of 3D technologies.

The customer provided a car mirror frame and one additional part. The parts had to be made in a mirror position. These two components were scanned using the most accurate "Artec Space Spider" scanner, capable of scanning up to 0.05mm in accuracy. Models were printed on a Zortrax M200 printer using Z-Ultrat plastic. This plastic is durable and has excellent properties during post-processing. It is mainly used for printing mechanical and technical parts.

This method of production allowed the customer to quickly and at low cost produce the missing parts of a rare car, which these days are already hard to reach in the market.

3D printing material: Z-Ultrat

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 185 x 53 x 117 (mirror); 50 x 33 x 28 (additional part)

180ºC temperature resistant air flow control tee tube of an antique car

By the client request, air flow control tee tube was 3D modeled and 3D printed of our new 3D printing filament - CoPA.

According to the dimensions provided by the customer, specific diameter air flow tee tube was 3D modeled by our engineers. The main requirement for this tee tube was resistance for high temperature. Unfortunately, we have not had such resistant materials in FDM technology so far, but from now on we are pleased to offer our customers CoPA plastic, which is made of polyamide (nylon), and is therefore extremely durable, resistant to impact and loads, and can withstand even 180 degrees of temperature! For this tee tube, 3D printing was used high-quality "Mass Portal" 3D printer.

This solution made it possible for the customer to quickly and economically produce the part that was no longer available on the market and adapt it to car restoration job.

3D printing material: CoPA plastic;

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 110 x 60 x 85

Motorcycle demfer

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A motorcycle demfer was scanned and printed on the order of the client.

Upon request, company engineers scanned an antique motorcycle demfer using the „Artec Space Spider“ industrial 3D scanner, which is metrologically accurate and capable of scanning highly complex surfaces.  The 3D demfer model was modified with 3D modeling software. The part was printed with the SLS (selective laser sintering) technology 3D printer, which distinguish by the surface plainess and particularity of the printed parts. The product was printed from PA plastic, this plastic is not only extremely durable, weather resistant, but is also easy to paint, so this material is perfectly suitable in this case.

Using 3D scanning and printing technologies, it is possible to quickly and qualitatively restore old, antique and non-commercial products, as in this case, the pre-war motorcycle damfer.

3D printing material: PA plastic

3D Printing Technology: SLS (selective laser sintering)

Product dimensions (mm): 62 x 142 x 62

Old car „Chrysler“ bumper restoration



At the customer's request, the crashed part of the „Chrysler“ bumper was restored and printed.

Company engineers scanned the car bumper using the highly-precise and mobile 3D scanner„Artec Space Spider“. Using 3D modeling software, a broken bumper part was restored. It is printed using the FDM printing technology „Zortrax M200“ 3D printer. The part was printed from Ultrat plastic. In this case, this plastic is perfectly suited, because this plastic has rigidity, it is resistant to severe outdoor conditions, what is more this material is easily mechanically felted and painted. The customer will affix the printed part to the bumper, it will be processed: grinding, priming, painting.

Using 3D scanning and printing technologies, the antique car bumper has been refurbished, which is no longer available for sale in Europe. Client choosing our service has saved costs and time compared to sending the final product from the US.

3D Printed Material: Z-Ultrat (ABS)

3D Printing Technology: Fused (FDM) (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 172 x 158 x 102