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Mannequin scanning

According to the IDW company order, parts of the mannequin body was scanned by our advanced and accurate 3D scanners.

The selected mannequin, consisting of 7 parts, was scanned for the customer's request. Each part was scanned individually. 3D scanning was done by two different 3D scanners Artec EVA and Artec Space Spider. We used strengths of each of these scanners - Eva's ability to quickly and conveniently scan large objects and Space Spider's special precision by scanning limbs and joining details. Combining all this - the result is a very precise and comprehensive model.

3D scanning is done in very short time. Also, the preparation for 3D scanning is minimal. This allows the client to get the exact object 3D models very quickly.

Product size (mm): 1760 (height)

Education Architecture Exhibition – LITHUANIA GOES TO SCHOOL

Educational exhibition "Lithuania Goes to School" was opened at Vilnius Minties Gymnasium (Erfurt 23), on May 10.

We have also contributed to this initiative by 3D printing buildings and school mock-ups for the installation of the exhibition.

For printing was choose two different technologies printers - 2017 the world's best "Zortrax" 3D printer and "Form2". Last mentioned printer was used for important schools models manufacturing. Thanks to the SLA-based printer, the models are very precise and accurate. Other buildings used FDM technology "Zortrax", which at its own speed ensured the prompt and high quality project execution. For printing was used liquid white resin and HIPS plastic. After printing, some mock-ups were painted.

This method of production allowed not only to accelerate and facilitate the production of mock-ups, but also to contribute to this exciting initiative in the preparation of an exhibition! You can view this exhibition at the Minties gymnasium until June 8th.

3D printing material: liquid resin, HIPS

3D printing technology: SLA (stereolitography); FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 141 x 15 x 63 (maximum)

Lithuanian map

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  • IMG_0417
  • IMG_0418
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According to the customer 3D models, 54 apartments were printed by our advanced "Mass Portal" 3D printer. These apartments models were used for the installation of the Lithuanian Map. This art work was exhibited at the international exhibition RESTA 2018.

An advanced "Mass Portal" 3D printer based on FDM (fused deposited modeling) printing technology was used to implement the customer wishes. 3D printing was done using white PLA plastic. This combination of printer and material allowed us to reach high-quality, visually appealing home models that perfectly filled the artistic work and added aesthetics.

This way of producing architectural models allows the customer not only save money, but also it saves time. 3D printing for artistic or architectural building models makes it simpler, faster and cheaper.

3D printing material: PLA

3D printing technology: Fused deposited modeling (FDM)

Product size (mm): 25 x 25 x 100 (maximum)

Prototype of medicines container

The client had designed a conceptual medicine dispencary container and he needed a prototype.

The Client needed the cup to be see through, the dispensary mechanism made of white plastic. Also there were three washers that had to be made of rubber. The seethrough cup  was printed using SLA technology with „Clear“ resin "Form 2" 3D printer, the white lid parts were printed using FDM technnology with ABS filament and the washers were printed with the PrimaAlloy filament which is flexible and elastic.

To make a prototype like this having this many different parts would be really difficult. Glass blowing, injection molding and vulcanization would be required as well as custom molds. By choosing 3D printing, the client saved a lot of recources and all the parts were made in the same place.

Materials: Clear resin, ABS, PrimaAlloy

3D printing technology: SLA (stereolitography), FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Dimensions (mm): 90 x 90 x 100