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Very detailed objects for architectural models

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Crane models for architectural model was printed of photopolymer (liquid resin) by using SLA (Stereolithography) method.

SLA 3D printing technology gives you the highest product accuracy. With our 3D printers, even the tiniest, only 0.6 mm crane elements were successfully printed.

Our 3D printing services provided customers with opportunity to quickly and qualitatively implement the ideas, thus accelerating the process of designing and implementing architectural objects.

3D printing material: liquid resin

3D printing technology: SLA

Product dimensions (mm): 78 x 36 x 116


  Small cubes were printed according to the customer request to evaluate FDM (fused deposition modeling) printers micro print and precision capabilities. Prepared model was in the form of a grid, where the distance between beams reached only 0.3 mm and the width of the joists was only 0.2 mm. The main goal was to…
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JSC "3D Creative" incorporated SLA (stereolithography) technology into its range of 3D printing services, which greatly extends the company's ability to help customers implement even more ideas. For SLA printing we use „Formlabs“ manufacturer „Form 2“ printer, which is recognized as leader in this technological direction. The 3D printer „Form 2“ uses a liquid resin…
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3D printing helped blind mom to “see” her unborn child.

One of the most exciting moment in the parenthood is the first time when you see your future child during the pregnancy scan. Unfortunatelly, this moment is not be experienced by blind parents... That is to change in the future with help of 3D printing technologies.
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