Famous tactile objects from Šiauliai city

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  • RoostersClock
  • JohnPaulII
  • CathedralPeter
  • SundialSquareBoy
  • SundialSquareBase

Special models for blind people were made using 3D modeling and printing technologies. Prepared project by Šiauliai tourism information center was done in quite short time and models perfectly does its functions.

Famous objects were modeled using pictures from internet as references while minor elements are adjusted to accommodate 3D printing recommendations. Prepared 3D models were printed using Zortrax M200 3D printers with Z-HIPS material because of its best achievable surface quality and high strength.

Created Šiauliai city objects:
- The sundial square
- The square of rooster's clock
- The monument to pope John Paul II
- Sculpture "The iron fox"
- St. Apostles Peter and Paul's cathedral

3D printing technology is perfect solution for low cost and fast time-lead to re-produce miniature sized historical, art, cultural objects with purpose for blind people to feel all geometrical shapes.

3D printing material: PLA

3D printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Product size (mm): base 190 x 190 mm; biggest heigh - 600 mm

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