Sound-based toy for children

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A body and boxes for sound-based toy for children were printed for one of our client.

3D models were split into several parts to optimize the product, which helps to reduce the amount of support structures needed during printing. The products are printed with a 3D printer „Zortrax M200“. This printer is one of the most reliable printers in its segment, allowing you to print large quantities of products quickly and qualitatively. ABS plastic is selected for printing products. This plastic is perfect for printing from a wide variety of models, from prototypes to artistic products.

3D printing allows for quick implementation of the client's idea, so customer saves time and cost in this way in comparison with traditional methods of production.

3D printing material: Z-ABS plastic

3D Printing Technology: FDM (angl. Fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 66 x 84 x 134; 66 x 195 x 39


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