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Small-size Lukiškės Square memorial monuments mock-ups

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According to the customer request and presented 3D models, our company printed small-size Lukiškės Square memorial monuments mock-ups.

For this order was selected high quality 3D printer "Form 2", based on stereolitohraphy technologies. The mock-ups were printed out of white resin.

Stereolitohraphy-based 3D printing has made it possible to print mock-ups quickly and with especially high-quality. Even very small objects such as Vytis, the size of which does not exceed the size of 1 euro cents, were printed with our very accurate 3D printer. The models are not only small, but also extremely high in surface quality.

This method of production allowed the customer to have the highest quality mock-ups in a very short time.

3D printing material: white resin

3D printing technology: SLA (stereolitography)

Product size (mm): 10.6 x 9.5 x 16.4 and larger.

Prototype of large format box

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According to the customer 3D model of the product, large-format plastic box prototype was printed by our high quality 3D printer.

The prototype was made by using new "3D Creative" large-format FDM 3D printer, capable of printing objects up to 600 x 600 x 600 mm. For prorotype printing was used white PLA plastic. The box was printed and glued from two parts.

"3D Creative" printer lets you optimize 3D printing for large-format objects. The printed products are solid or divided into minimal number of parts. It allows you to get even stronger product and more similar to real products. In addition, production time is shorten and manufacturing requires less post-print jobs.

Large measures box prototype 3D printing saves client money and time. Also, it allows customer to test product before mass production.

3D printing material: PLA plastic;

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 595 x 395 x 300


Models of 4L cisterns

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Two different style of 4L cisterns were printed by one of the biggest bottles and other container manufacturer's request.

Such containers were printed with "MassPortal XD20" 3D printed which is known of the most precise and reliable "delta" style printers in the world. "Verbatim" PLA material was chosen to have high quality surface and pleasant color.

Printed containers are very pleasant to eyes and convenient for presentations or could be used as exibition part. FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology 3D printing gives an ability to produce models with low price and short lead time. Printed parts can be used to test its geometrical shape, to use in presentation or simply for exibition.

3D printing material: "Verbatim" PLA

3D printing technology: FDM (fused deposition modeling)

Product size (mm): 313 x 195 x 125; 320 x 195 x 125


Tape player prototype for design competition

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Radio player prototype parts were printed by team of designers' order. Prototype was sent to Taiwan for design competition.

Parts were printed using high quality SLA 3D printer which manages to print an exceptional surface quality by using white colored resin. Such resin is pleasant to eye and hides any small defects on surface.

Printed parts were post-processed with sanding to very fine grit. After finished post-processing, team of designers assembled parts together. Such printing technology gives an ability to print very good surface quality which makes a perfect choice for mock-ups and it takes merely few days to produce after receiving 3D computer models.

3D printing material: white resin

3D printing technology: SLA (stereolytography)

Product size (mm): up to 30 x 32 x 73